Meet Your Job Liaison

Meet Megan Hines

Megan Hines, Membership Services Manager and TJC Liaison has been with the Truckee Chamber for over two years. The Liaison role is one of the four components of the TJC and this position is vital for the product’s success as the Liaison is responsible for the running of all four components of this product. 

Another major component of the TJC is administering quarterly Roundtable/Meetup meetings. In 2019, on April 30th the first Employer-To-Employer Roundtable Meeting launched and on June 17th the first Truckee Jobs Collective Meetup took form. Both meetings proved successful and important for collaboration among employers and a unique way for employers and job seekers to connect in a casual, fun and innovative setting. 

Megan is the “go to” person for both employers and job seekers when signing up for the TJC site. The Liaison works with both parties on everything from creating their profiles, utilizing all features and functionality as well as being available to chat on the web portal. Megan is well connected many of the employers in Truckee and is able to speak to job seekers on their behalf. Knowing what each employer offers and what their company culture is like is extremely important. Having a Liaison that understands these companies can save job seekers time and help them connect with employers that not only fit their skill sets/job needs but employers that they can easily fit into the company culture. 

Marketing for TJC and community outreach is also an important responsibility of the Liaison. It is important that the Megan participates in community events, has made business connections and builds relationships with strategic partners in Truckee. Megan works fast and strategically to partner with organizations in town and spends time at community events to tell locals in person about the resource and tools that TJC can offer for recruitment/retention issues in this community.

Connect with Megan by hitting the Chat button you see in orange on the bottom right, email her at or call 530-412-7057


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