Truck Driver and Warehouse Operations

Truck Driver and Warehouse Operations

Tahoe Food Hub
12116 Chandelle Way, Unit D1
(530) 562-7150
About Tahoe Food Hub

About Tahoe Food Hub

TAHOE FOOD HUB (TFH) is a 501(c)-3, non-profit organization based in Truckee, CA. We were founded in 2013 to be a hub for local, sustainably grown food! Our mission is to provide a food system that supports regenerative and sustainable farming practices by increasing access to local food for North Lake Tahoe. By addressing local food access challenges at a systems level, we create a hub for local food. A local food system benefits diversified, family farms looking for fair market opportunities while increasing access to local food for our mountain community.

Truck Driver and Warehouse Operations Job Description

Compensation: Starting at $20/hr
Employment type: part-time
Schedule: 16-24 hrs/week

This is a great position for someone wanting to get involved in their local food system with a part-time job and potential for advancement. The position’s primary role is to drive our refrigerated delivery trucks down to the Sierra Foothills to pick-up fresh, local, sustainably-grown produce and bring it back to our Truckee warehouse. The driver then delivers orders to area restaurants and grocery stores in the North Lake Tahoe region the day after pick-up. In Summer, the driving day is 8hrs on Thursday from 11am – 7pm. If candidate is interested in working in our warehouse, a Friday shift is available in summer to build orders in our warehouse from 9am – 5pm. In Winter, the driving days are 8hrs on Wednesday (11am-7pm) and Thursday (6am-2pm). An additional 8hr day is available on Friday to work in our warehouse building orders and working with customers.

Skills Required:

Must have a clean driving record, have experience driving big trucks; driving in snow with big trucks, be able to use side mirrors when backing into parking spots; be comfortable with operating lift gates and pallet jacks; must have attention to detail, sense of urgency, can hustle and good customer service skills; is able to lift heavy boxes, troubleshoot, follow instructions, efficient with time, task oriented, good at logistics, organized, passionate about local food; and has good on-the-job safety policies. Must be okay with late nights and early morning shifts. All staff must follow food safety protocols when handling produce and follow order packing procedures set by Tahoe Food Hub to ensure inventory stays in good condition and organized. Candidates MUST live in North Lake Tahoe and must provide a current driving record if hired.

To Apply: review our website and Facebook page to learn more about us and submit a short paragraph for why you would like to work with us and outline related work that makes you qualified for the job. Attached your resume and send to We are a growing organization with potential to move up!

Compensation and Benefits

This part-time position paid at a rate of $20 an hour. All employees receive a 25% discount on all purchases made at the Farmacy.

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