Finance & Accounting Manager

Finance & Accounting Manager

  • Full Time
  • Year Round Benefited
  • Truckee, CA
JMT Wilderness Conservancy
10008 Southeast River Drive, Suite B

About JMT Wilderness Conservancy

Finance & Accounting Manager

The JMT Wilderness Conservancy is looking for a lead Finance & Accounting Manager to join our non-profit organization. This position will directly report to the JMT WC President and supervise our Bookkeeper, and will work closely the Field Projects Team.

The JMT WC is dedicated to the conservation of the wilderness, wildlife and waters along the high Sierra Nevada crest defined by the John Muir Trail (est. 1915). Our mission is to restore and conserve the meadow ecosystems and riparian habitat of the JMT corridor, in light of steeply increasing recreational use compounded by the effects of climate change. The region is roughly 20 miles wide and 220 miles north-to-south running from Yosemite Valley to just south of Mt. Whitney, and includes over 380 miles of trails and 2.8 million acres of surrounding wilderness. We work with the National Park Service (NPS) and United States Forest Service (USFS) who design and implement the restoration projects, and add grants of public funds in addition to our private donations to coordinate and support their efforts.

Position: Finance & Accounting Manager
Commitment: Full-time exempt employee, 40 hours/week; may work remotely part of the time; must work at our field office in Truckee CA minimum of three days per week (Tues – Thurs.)

Compensation: $ 85,000 – $95,000 annually, based on education, qualifications and experience. Two references required. 100% employer-paid benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision; state retirement plan; vacation and sick leave.
Reporting: Direct report to the President & Chair of the Board. Will manage the Conservancy’s part time bookkeeper. Also works as a team member supporting finance and accounting on field programs and projects.

Finance & General Accounting:

Manage financial operations to ensure the correct recording and processing of all debits and credits, including the expense approval on-line forms for our two operating accounts, one for general operations and one for state grant funds;

Handle QuickBooks general ledger entries and all expenditures, including assembly and posting of backup approval forms;

Handle twice-monthly payroll runs (10 employees) in QuickBooks, with backup approval forms;

Coordinate with our principal bank to monitor account balances, account transfers and direct deposits to staff for payroll and reimbursements, and to subcontractors and qualified vendors;

Assist in the fiscal year-end IRS audit of the organization’s books and records, and any State audits that may take place;

Create and manage fiscal year and periodic unaudited organizational budgets that track budgeted debits and credits against actual expenditures, monthly, quarterly and annually;

Specialized Accounting:

Working with the program team lead and the President, provide bi-monthly (every 2 months) labor and expense reconciliations for the California Natural Resources Agency funding grant (using CNRA guidelines);

Working with our project coordinators and manager of field programs, provide for monthly project reconciliations for the Wildlife Conservation Board grants (using WCB guidelines, during high season, July – Sept);

Work with program staff on individual field projects to develop and track specific budgets, timelines and deliverables over the duration of those projects (typically 4 to 6 years) using Excel;

• In collaboration with the President and various program staff, assist with internal and external resources, ensuring field projects remain within scope, schedule, and defined budgets;

• Analyze current accounting & operational processes and performance, recommending solutions for improvement where necessary;


  • Directly support JMT Internship Program: housing, stipends, intern personnel files, etc.
  • Directly support employee on-boarding & exit process;
  • Working with President and outside HR consultant, update Employee Handbook and HR policies.
  • Assist in managing day-to-day business of the Conservancy, including professional services

    consultants (i.e. accounting, audit, legal, human resources, insurance);

  • Assist in longer-term strategy and planning.

    Bookkeeping & HR

    • Oversee bookkeeper to assure payment of: – General property & liability insurance;

    – All office subscriptions & supplies;

    – Monthly lease payments & CAM for our field office;
    • Oversee bookkeeper to assure proper handling of HR & Employee Benefits, including:

    – Filing of Form W-2’s and 1099’s;
    – Workmen’s Compensation payments & renewals;
    – Employee benefits & payroll taxes;
    – PTO/sick time accrual & use tracking;
    – Staff personnel files (job descriptions, performance reviews, hire/promotion/termination letters)


    We seek a proven team-player who is flexible and able to work in a compact environmental nonprofit operation in a fast growth phase, where each member must at times pitch in to advance the common purpose.

  • BA/ BS degree from a recognized college or university with emphasis in accounting and financial management and general business management;
  • 4+ years in a significant financial accounting role, including payroll and HR management;
  • Experience in financial management, bookkeeping and accounting;
  • Working experience with QuickBooks, on-line banking portals, Excel and other standard office tools;
  • Operations experience, preferably for a non-profit organization;
  • Strong interpersonal and management skills;
  • Meticulous attention to detail, deadlines and financial/accounting guidelines.

    The JMT Wilderness Conservancy is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable nonprofit located in Menlo Park and Truckee, CA which does not unlawfully discriminate against employees or applicants because of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition or any other basis protected by state or federal laws.

    To apply, please send: (1) a cover letter summarizing your qualifications and what makes you excited about the position; and (2) a resume with education, particular degrees and all finance/ accounting positions previously held. Please be prepared to have three (3) professional references.

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