Are you looking for a new career path, a part-time job or contract work in Truckee? Follow these easy steps to get in front of our local, awesome employers and find an employer that suits your needs.

Step #1 Create your free profile on Truckee Jobs Collective

Our job site is a little different than the rest!


On TJC not only can you search for opportunities by our industry/skill set list but also by selecting what benefits/perks matter most to YOU. Get an idea of a company’s culture by checking out their mission/vision/ values, their culture & vibe section and watch their company culture video.

Step #2 Have specific questions, want one-on-one help or looking for an introduction to a specific local employer?  Connect with our Liaison, Melissa Williams.

The personalized assistance of our liaisons is not only unique to our site and product but it is essential in helping you connect with employers in line with your needs and interests. Our liaisons are well connected in this community and know the employers to help to introduce you faster too!

Step #3  Sign up for our E-Newsletter so you know when our upcoming TJC Meetup events are happening and to scope out what is new with TJC

Step #4 Familiarize yourself with the Employers on the Site

This site is a great resource to learn about great Truckee businesses. Look through the employers and see if their company resonates with you. Find out where you’d like to work and then be ready to apply when a position opens up. Did you know that the Truckee Jobs Collective was formed because Truckee employers wanted a way to reach great employees that love living in the mountains as much as they do? Many employers are willing to be flexible and work with other employers to keep their staff working in the off seasons if they need to.

Step #5 Attend our next TJC Meetup event

Due to COVID-19, we are not meeting in person right now, but we will be having more meet up events as soon as we are able to and are looking into hosting a virtual event soon. Truckee Jobs Collective Meetups give employers and job seekers an opportunity and a platform to meet and network in person.  Everyone in attendance gives their short two minute stump speech (employers go first) and then we have open network time.  These meeting are fast paced, very interactive and casual. We want everyone at these meetings to have fun and not feel intimidated.

Step #6 Check out other networking organizations and Find your Peeps!

Truckee is not a sleepy town with limited networking opportunities. We have several Toastmaster clubs in town, Tahoe Silicon Mountain, Tahoe Regional Young Professionals and so many more groups for you to check out.

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